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Feather Safety Razor Co – Japan

Synonymous for its reputation for the manufacture of precision cutting tools for 75 years for a diversity of uses. Feather meets today’s needs for superior cutting instruments for Medical, Surgical and Pathological operations.

Feather justifiably takes great pride in its products that have earned respect world wide. With their ongoing Research & Development programme, together with their committed principles for trust in the Feather Brand, responsibility for ensuring high quality, appreciation for customers and environmental preservation focused on energy & resource conservation, waste reduction and recycling Feather products are unsurpassed.

– S35 Microtome Blades

SK / Sato

Japanese owned company. Highly respected in the areas of Research, Manufacturing and Distributor of Quality Measuring Equipment to Laboratories and Life Sciences, Clinical & Research, Petroleum & allied industries, Pharmaceutical and Food Industry. All products manufactured and tested by the the independent Japan Quality Assurance Organisation.

– Barographs
– Thermohygrographs
– Thermometers

Mortara Intrument INC – USA & Eurpoe

The world leader in ECG Technology Mortara is committed to providing physicians with the best possible data to make difficult cardiac diagnostic decisions on the most challenging patients. Mortara’s strong reputation as an innovative, forwarding looking organisation with experience bringing diagnostic advances to medical markets and a vision for the continuing need for breakthrough cardiac modalities allows physicians to quickly and confidently diagnose a greater number of patients that is possible in acute settings.

– 12 Lead Resting Electrocardiograph

pfmmedical_Logo  NEW

PFM Medical

German based company, based in Cologne PFM Medical develops, manufactures and distributes a wide range of innovative, top quality devices in the field of Histotechnologies, Surgical Technologies, Infusion Therapies as well as Interventional Radiology & Cardiology.

The combination of more than 30 years experience, in-house manufacturing and skilled Personnel provides safety for patients, ease of use for nursing staff and premium products for Doctors.

– Microtomes simply CLICK HERE for more information
– Waterbath

Zeal Scientific

Since 1888 the name Zeal has won a reputation for a high standard of Quality and accuracy in the manufacture of all types of measuring instruments. Great attention to detail and supervision, together with skill of Craftsmen has established Zeal as the leading manufacturer of Industrial and Precision Thermometers & Hydrometers throughout the world.


Japanese Manufacturer and Supplier to over 70 countries world wide, of Sphygmomanometers and Stethoscopes since 1974.

YAMASU – (marking division of Kenzmedico) offer to the Medical and allied Health Industry market superiority in instruments specifically designed for the important task of accurately monitoring Blood Pressure.

Mercurial and Aneroid Sphygmomanometers, both carry the UKAS and CE Certification mark, which guarantees both accuracy and reliability.

Kenzmedico also offers a complete range of Stethoscopes, from basic Nurses models to the Stereophonic model. Since this company was founded Arthur Bailey Surgico Pty Ltd has been supplying in ever increasing numbers, Kenzedico products to Hospitals, Private practitioners and Teaching facilities.

A.C. Cosson

Established in 1859. Manufacturer of High Quality Sphygmomanometers – Renowned world wide for accuracy. With the latest contribution to the accuracy of Blood Pressure Measurement this innovation will permit the most accuracy comparison in the technique of BP measurement across populations and between research studies in hypertension, thereby restoring scientific accuracy to the technique.

– Greenlight Sphygmomanometer